Asking and Answering Questions About Personal Possessions

Asking and Answering Questions About Personal Possessions

2.1. Asking And Answering Questions About Personal Possessions

Hi Everyone!!! Today, it is an era of technology and competition. Everyone wants to be smart and make lasting impressions over others. This is where you need to have great communication skills. It is important to get involved with the language. When it comes to learning a language, there are different aspects involved in it. Rather than focusing on grammatical errors, it is first of essential to be able to express you and get details from others in an effective way. Perfection will be there with practice only.

Do you believe that the objects you own reflect your personality? Are you one of those who make their style statements on their own? Yes, we all have possessions and there is great importance of possessions in our life. These are objects that mean a lot in our lives. It can be anything ranging from a watch to teddy bear or a shirt that is lucky for a person. It can be anything memorable or special or lucky that touches your heart or make you remember event or thing that has touched your heart.

All of us want to explore all those special objects and share the experience with all the friends. When you want o express your personal possessions or get details about personal possessions of your colleagues or friends, then you need to talk very carefully. It is very essential to learn how you should form questions or respond to such questions.

If someone asks you

Q Where are you from? Then rather than answering only name of city, state or country, you should give full, relevant answers to the questions. This will help get the introduction off to a good start. You should avoid giving short answers. These are supposed to be uncommunicative replies, where the communication cannot proceed further.

So for question, where are you from, you should answer I am from Rotterdam. It’s a modern city and known as Gateway of Europe. It is a lovely place to live.

Never give short, ‘yes’, ‘no’ answers to closed questions. Thus if someone else asks you do you have a mobile? Then instead of giving just yes or no answer, you should reply showing interest about your personal possession. You can give him the details about your electronic gadget including model, company, etc. questions starting with do, have, is can be answered with simple yes/no answers.

If someone asks you about your personal then you should have the capability to describe in correct way. Rather than just telling what it is, you should give some other details that will provide all the specifications to others.

So, when someone tells you to describe your favorite personal possession, then you should include:

what the possession is

when you use it

when you first got it

why it is so important to you.

You should look at the structure of question carefully. Thus, you can answer it easily. Introduce your personal possession in a specific way. The main body of your talk for describing personal possession should include above mentioned details. Here you can describe when you use the object. At the end, you can tell why the object is so important with an explanation.

Never give a very unimaginative and dry introduction like the personal possession I’m going to describe is…. Remember, you have to talk in an influential way. Get your talk off to a memorable start with something on the lines of. Think about something innovative. When you want to get details about personal possessions of others, you have to ask question in such a manner that you will get desired answers. Make the person talk. Instead of dry questions, influence the person to talk more about his or her possession. You should show your interest in what he or she is talking. This will help you collect more details.

So get ready to start your quest with the best now and get desired details in easier, faster and effective way now.

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