Asking and Telling the Time

Asking and Telling the Time

4.1 Asking And Telling The Time

Management of time for students is really crucial aspect of succeeding. If you need to get through studying and go ahead in your course then you want to control time from the start.

Time is an essence for the students.

There are many students who work and study both. For them there is limited time to study, therefore they have to make the most of the time they get.

You have to schedule your everyday activities. Luckily there are ways or methods that will help to manage time.





The organization is structured specially to get better time management for students.

It begins with a synopsis and then progresses quickly into the real learning and strengthening activities.

This system is very useful for students in time management. The main aim of time management consists of:

•To be able to have power over your life - supervise your time, do not let it control you

•To be happier and healthier

•Do not panic or worry about things

• You need to be well organized about your plans and how will be studying.

•Utilize time preserving tools. You must have of appointment calendars, you must write down the list of “to do”, save in your reminder, answering machines, e-mail, etc.

•Have a well planned workplace, do not spend your precious time in searching for job.

•Use your meeting calendar for everything, along with listing study timetable.

•Use lists of “to do” for both day’s work and long-term week work.

You must be able to plan way ahead. This will save lots of time and you can concentrate more on your studies and other productive projects. Follow simple steps:

•Decide how long your errands will take, you must think over it before you decide to do it

•Think if any activities can be combined and done together.

•Verify if huge tasks can be divided into smaller tasks that will make it easy to plan for studying and exams, finish the assignment to prepare a term paper.

You must arrange your tasks according to their importance. You must follow below given instructions:

•Utilize the rating system A-B-C according to their importance, give them grades, with A to do task being most importance and likewise.

•Place goals for equally for long term and short term as to what you need to achieve.

•Go through all the “to do” lists to measure the time need and if the additional resources are required to complete them, if you feel the need then get resources. Do not delay the small aims, which can be a possibility while dealing with big ones.

You must remember that anything in excess is not good. You must avoid overwork. You can do:

•Add time for relaxation, rest, sleep, exercise, eating, and socializing in your timetable.

•Take small breaks in the study and work time.

•Do not put all the tasks off pending the last minute

•Know to say no when necessary and to bargain better time limit when appropriate.

You will be successful when you work harder and smarter. You must adapt efficient Study Techniques, which are as follows:

•Encompass a suitable study environment.

•Divide huge tasks into more convenient tasks.

•Read for understanding and grasping, rather than just to read so that you finish it, this will help you remember in one sitting.

•Be ready to ask questions in our lectures, which requires prior preparation, instead of waiting until an exam.

•Deal with the most difficult chapter first, this will help you to work on it and make your task easy.

•Do not wait till the last moment to finish your projects.

•Go through the syllabus early as you get it and write all due dates on the calendar.

•Be attentive and active in your class. The punctuality and well preparation is necessary for that.

Student must follow above valuable advice to make their study more favorable for them. In this way, they will be able to control their daily tasks and time.

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