Asking for and Giving Personal Details

Asking for and Giving Personal Details

1.2. Asking For And Giving Personal Details

Asking and giving personal details is at the heart of effective communications. Confident and clear speaking and using the right questions in a particular situation can be an effective way to improve communications skills in easier, faster and effective way. You can give your details in an impressive way. Besides this you should listen carefully to others and gather better information. This will help you learn more about them. Further, it can be beneficial for building stronger relationships. You can manage people in more effective manner. Others will get an opportunity to learn more about you.

When it comes to good communication, importance of asking cannot be denied. There are various kinds of questions and you can achieve different things by using right question at right time.

Here are some of clearly useful types of question. This will surely help you improve communication skills in an effective way:

1. Precise, specific and closed questions – such questions are beneficial for acquiring factual and accurate information.

If you intend to get things in details, then open-ended questions will be useful.

2. Open-ended questions – this will help you get the other person to talk freely and share experiences and opinions. Such questions prove to be useful when you want to build rapport and establish relationships.

3. You can use both above types to form funnel questions. These questions start very wide; you can listen to answers and choose something to ask for more details making it more specific. This can help you ask even more focused and specific questions.

4. Comparative questions – these questions are very useful to show what matters to someone and its value.

5. Summarizing questions – such questions can be useful for checking out that the communicated messages are being understood as they were intended.

6. Short questions – these questions keep the other person talking and receiver, receiving. Thus these are beneficial for continuing the communication.

In general such questions are why, what, how, where, when and who.

Giving your details to others:

You should talk confidently and clearly. Let others understand what you are saying. If you express more clearly, you are likely to get more of empathy and attention of listener.

When one person sincerely listens to another, the experience about speaker is mentally reconstructed by the listener. That is why you should add more expressions and facets of your experience. This will help the listeners to grasp your details. Easy-to-grasp “I statements,” will be useful for this. It is essential to express yourself more completely in a less time.

While asking and giving details, you should keep following points in mind.

ensure understanding

build relationships

clarify and confirm key points

explore perceived contradictions

explore new information

reinforce honesty and openness

confirm common interests and ground

Find opportunities to correct any errors in the communication process.

When you are exchanging details about each other, then it is useful to talk about common interests. You have to ask others some questions that will help you memorize some interesting points about the other person. When you meet a person, if you can memorize their last name, then you may ask Jimmy, are you related to singing?

Various wh questions can be useful here.

What kind of things you like to see?

What sort of music you love?

What did you do over the weekend?

What kind of instruments you can play?

When you spare time for music?

Every one of us should make efforts to improve communication skills. This needs you to be a good speaker and good listener as well. You should be able to ask good questions to get desired details about others and give others the details about yourself they are interested in.

If you want to be a person that other people want to associate with, then you should make others feel better about yourself. Above tips will help you in this regard and start with the Initial Introduction in an effective way.

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