Asking the Way and Giving Directions

Asking the Way and Giving Directions

5.2 Asking The Way And Giving Directions

Asking way and giving directions are too very interesting maneuvers.

You ask for directions, when you are new to that place and giving directions suggest that you are familiar with that place.

Generally travelers and students coming from different cities or countries need to ask for directions. The main purpose behind it is to:

Facilitate students to correctly give and ask for directions.

Facilitate students to correctly use expressions and words about location and directions.

Facilitate students to inquire and give directions correctly and politely.

Facilitate the students to appropriately utilize the terms.

When you are in different countries with different language which you are not familiar with, it becomes difficult to ask directions.

Therefore, before you travel, you must search and note down some common places and terms from that country.

This will help you a lot.

You can communicate with the locals and make them understand your need.

If you have some knowledge of that place, this will make the locals from that area help you out in reaching your destination.

You can do following exercise which will help you in asking and giving directions:

Good methodology like warm up activity can be beneficial

You must practice and study the language patterns and culture of the place, this will help you to understand the temperament of the people and how they react

You must try to listen carefully as you are not familiar with the dialect and you must remember a good smile can go miles

Try to learn few common terms like “please”, “thank you” etc.

Whether you are going to that new location for studies or for your job, you must know history and culture of that location.

You must remember that you are going to stay in that place.

Therefore, knowing few basic information of that place will help you to make good friends and make your stay happy.

For giving directions of a route, there are two ways you can get.

You can give directions according to the well known landmarks, or depending on the directions like east, west, north and south.

You can use either of the system, depending on the complexity of the location and the length of the route.

The system you use depends on where you are and who you’re giving directions to.

Many times you can mix both the methods, but the important factor is to be concise and correct.

The travelers or students from outside must make an effort from their part to search for nearest landmark or well known place which will make their search easy.

If you are lucky, you can get a common friend who is from higher grade and help you to locate the place.

So you can take help from the fellow students.

For students, the houses available on leases have seasons. Generally at the end of the term, students who have completed their course leave the houses.

So this is the period when new students can get nice options at good prices.

If the students come in the middle of the term, the houses options will be rare and prices could be higher.

Therefore the good time to look for houses is in the summer time.

You can still get nice places to stay at last minute, if you are lucky enough.

But if you make prior search and agreement, it will be lot easier when you arrive at that place.

When you reach your new location, you will be rest assured that you have the place to live in, you just need to ask directions and reach there.

Therefore, planning way ahead is always best practice.

When you ask for directions, you must generally opt for main roads.

As the shortcuts could be very confusing; you can later know the shortcuts when you are familiar with the city.

Similarly, while giving direction, you can tell the person about the distance so according the person can choose the means of transport.

You can even ask about the fare of taxi or bus, this can prove a helpful knowledge in new city and save yourself from getting cheated.

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