Daily Life

Daily Life

Unit 4 Daily life

Life of a student is both, full of joy and energy and also with responsibility. It is the age when you make good friends which are great companions in your studies and also when you want to have fun. As a student you have a life of simplicity and honesty. It is the period where you work hard and be passionate about your dreams and see them coming true. The student is expected to have a routine schedule that consists of waking up early, getting some good breakfast, nice physical workout, which is the basis of good health which is necessary and beneficial for studies and good concentrations.

A nice morning walk in the early mornings and little workout along with it will organize the student for good and busy day with studies and other things. Generally students have the deadlines of their project submissions, and other studies for final preparations; therefore, they cannot afford to delay their work. They need to complete certain things in time. For any queries or issues students need to take help of professors, teachers, tutors, peers, or even from elder brother or sister. All these tasks together are necessary to study and these are the everyday activities in student’s life.

Parents also should be actively involved in the studies of college students. With advanced technologies like messaging, Mobile phone, email, internet, it has made the study and coordination easier for both students and parents. Being in touch with the students has become very easy task for parents now. This is important period for students and parents should know their developments and progress. Parents can help the students for searching information and can talk with their kids many times in a day to stay in touch. Along with studies, the college students have to face with many practical or real life problems. In such cases, parents could be a mentor and help them deal with it assertively.

The students age either from high school or college is a very tender age. The parents need to get involved in their studies but up to certain points. The daily activity of student involves studying, attending lectures, practical etc. They have their own group of friends, they want to take their own decisions, which should be respected by the parents and guide them without too much interfering. This will help to gain the confidence of parents.

Along with study there should be some time leisure to relax the mind. They have their favorite sports they love, indoors or outdoors. The students generally have a schedule around two to three hours of study and then some time off with fellow students and friends. They can go for their favorite sports and relax with no rules and regulations, but just enjoy the game. Then they can go home or have meal outside with friends. A nice bath before going to sleep will do wonders. Generally students go to bed early, due to their tight schedule next day. This kind of lifestyle is a healthy and decent habit for students.

Some students have classes that begin early in morning, then they have school or college, and many other tasks lined up. There are many other things the students have to learn along with their major subjects. They have to give equal study time to every subject. Along with hard work they have to work smart. They need to maintain regularity in going to classes. There are different lectures from different professors and you need to attain them. Listening to the lectures help you a lot to prepare in your subject.

In the lessons we pay attention to the teachings of the tutors with engrossed attention. The break is there for an hour to have some lunch or food. In the break hour you chat with friends and there is little relaxation to attain remaining lecturers. It is an interesting life, and the prime period to make your future more successful.

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