Describing What People Are Wearing and or Doing At the Moment of Speaking

Describing What People Are Wearing and or Doing At the Moment of Speaking

2.2. Describing What People Are Wearing And Or Doing At The Moment Of Speaking

Describing others, their appearance, style and action is really skillful art. What you think about and observe in others reflects your thoughts. When you have to describe others, what they are wearing or what they are doing, you have to talk very carefully.

Let us have a look at some of the sentence starters that will help you out.

• He is well dressed

• He is wearing informal/formal clothes.

• She is wearing casual clothes.

• He is wearing fashionable clothes.

• He is wearing smart clothes.

• She is smartly dressed.

When you have to specify about cloth materials, you can describe like this:

- Silk………..He is wearing a silk shirt

- Cotton……She is wearing a red cotton skirt

- Woolly …. He is wearing a woolly Jacket.

- Denim ……He is wearing a denim Pant.

- Leather ….He is wearing a leather jacket

Let us have a look at some of words that will help you describe clothing. You need to use perfect word depending on the situation and the person or his/her style.

 Trendy

 Smart

 Bright

 Old Fashioned

 Casual

 Aged

 Worn

 Uniform

 Tatty

 Flimsy

 Wooly

 Lacy

 Alluring

 Warm

 Designer

 Dull

 Silky

 Off-the-Peg/ Rack/ Rail

 Colorful

You can talk about clothes in more details by including Patterns of clothes

• plain

• floral

• striped

• checked

You can say like --- has …

- long / short sleeves

- a zip

- buttons

- Tops: dress shirt, sport shirt, polo shirt, tank top, button-down shirt, blouse, short-sleeve, sleeveless, long-sleeve, collared, sweatshirt, T-shirt, hoodie, sweater, pullover, cardigan

- Bottoms: cargo pants, jeans, pleated pants, flat-front pants, board shorts, slacks, overalls, sweatpants, trousers, capris, crop pants, skirt, shorts, culottes,

- Other clothing: uniform, dress, costume, bathrobe, pajamas, robe, jacket, vest, blazer, socks, coat, stockings, hat, gloves, cap, boots, shoes, slippers, flip-flops, heels, sandals, pumps

For example: She is wearing a plain pink shirt with long sleeves and black buttons and a denim jacket.

If you want to include further details, then you can also talk about other accessories like earrings, watch, handbag, etc.

 He is wearing a branded watch.

 She is carrying a handbag

 She is wearing studs.

 She is wearing a nose ring.

 He has a small tattoo on his shoulder

You can make your description more interesting by adding….

• She is smartly dressed in red cotton skirt and denim jacket..

• He is casually dressed in (name of garment).

• Sporty looks with a (name of garment)…

• Simply clad in (name of garment), Jimmy…

When it comes to describing what others are doing, you have to talk correctly yet politely. Here you need to use the present progressive for describing the actions in progress.

• He is listening to me carefully

• She is taking notes.

• He is drawing pictures.

You have to use PRESENT PROGRESSIVE TENSE to indicate continuing action. You need to talk about something that is going on at the present moment. In this tense, we have to use “to be” verb, in the present tense with the ‘ing’:

- He is preparing for his exam.

- He is searching for errors in the document.

- He is singing.

- She is dancing.

- They are sleeping.

All in all, you have to think about something that will make others feel good about you. What you talk about others reflects your individuality and thoughts. That is why you need to pay attention in this regard. The language you use should be polite. You have to be specific, brief at the same time. You can add humor but be careful not to overdo it. All these tips will help you out in this regard.

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