Expressing Preferences Likes and Dislikes

Expressing Preferences Likes and Dislikes

3.1. Expressing Preferences Likes And Dislikes

Do you want to improve your communication skills? Are you aware about the importance of expressing yourself in a correct way? Yes, it is very essential to be capable of introducing what you are. This can be one of the hardest things to do.

Many times, we say something but we cannot we cannot come out with the thing we exactly want to say.

Many of us are afraid of expressing themselves. Because of fear to say something that may cost them a companionship, many seize up the thoughts and say something unexpected.

Sharing true emotions, likes, dislikes and preferences can be tricky yet essential part.

When it comes to expressing preferences, likes and dislikes, we often use words like prefer, would prefer, etc. for example- “I prefer doing it on my own.”

“Would you prefer to go to a club or watch a movie?”

“Would you rather go shopping with me?”

All aforesaid expressions have quite different meaning.

It is well know art of communication is very essential and if you want to master it then you have to simplify challenging tasks.

Let us see difference in meaning:

In general, when we speak about likes, dislike, we use ‘prefer’.

In other words, word ‘prefer’ is used for expressing what we want.

“She prefers writing articles.”

“I prefer going to the shopping than going to watch a movie.

In this way, when we are speaking specifically about anything then the expressions ‘would rather’ and ‘would prefer’ are used.

“I would prefer to meet him personally.”

“I would rather leave now.”

Sometimes, the word prefer is followed by a different verb form.

“I prefer watching a movie on TV.” Here it is followed by the gerund with the ‘-ing’ ending.

In next form, “I would prefer to be told the truth”, it is followed by the infinitive with to+ the verb;

whereas in “Would you rather stay at home?” form it is followed by the base form of the verb with the verb without ‘to’.

When it comes to choosing different prepositions to state the choice, you will find lots of options.

You can use – go with ‘to’ for prefer, would prefer.

For example-“I would prefer being unaccompanied to being with the wrong individual”.

 “I would prefer swimming in a pool to swimming in the beach. ”

You can use– goes with ‘than’ for would rather.

“I would rather meet him personally than call him on the phone.”

When it comes to communicating and asking or giving personal details about preferences, likes and dislikes, here are some questions that will help you out in this regard.

- Do you like to watch TV?

- Would you like to listen to music?

- Do you like going to the beach?

- Does he like football?

- Does she like salad of fruits?

- Do you like to dance?

What is your favorite sport?

What do you prefer: tea or coffee?

What do you like to do on Sundays?

- Does he like travelling?

- What does she prefer: to work or to study?

- What is his favorite food?

- What do you prefer hot chocolate or ice cream?

- Do you want a cup of tea?

- What do you want to eat/drink?

- Does he want to go with us?

- Does she want to study Mathematics?

- What do you prefer: walking or running?

- Do you like to wake up late?

- Does he like going to the movies?

- Do you prefer studying Japanese?

When it comes to expressing your preferences, then there are various forms as well.

I like very much salad of fruits. I prefer fruits. My favorite food is fruits.

I like playing football! My favorite sport is football.

I prefer tea.

If someone asks you do you prefer to watch movie? Then you can answer- Yes, I do.

All in all, there are various forms how you can express your likes, dislikes and preferences.

It is essential for you to choose correct form depending on the situation. This will help you express what you want in easier, faster and effective way.

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