Giving Simple Information About Places

Giving Simple Information About Places

5.1 Giving Simple Information About Places

If you are deciding to shift to new place for study or job opportunity, you must get some basic information about the place, for examples, about accommodation facility, prices, etc.

You will get a lot of information from internet.

It is an opportunity to get good information about people and culture of that place.

There are different types of places like private houses, residential hall places, dormitories, rental apartments, etc.

If you plan the accommodation search early, you can get the place near your work place or college.

The students can get good places to live, which could be shared room or single rooms if they want at good prices.

Depending on the amenities of the place the price varies.

You must enquire about basic facilities at the place you are going to reside, which are, phone facilities, recreational facility like television, etc.

You must obtain some important information form such places like:

Campus contact numbers

Amenities of the places

Personal and property insurance

Staff contact numbers

The facilities in the halls of Residence, provided by the universities, or privately generally consist of:

Furnished rooms for both men and women, which may be staying together or separately. The furnished room includes desk, bed, lamp, book cases, closet, shelves, waste basket, closet, drapes, etc. Likewise, sometimes it consists of bedspreads, mattresses, pillow, linens, blankets, but they are not necessarily available. It is an option you can have depending on the facility.

Study place and lounge

Ethernet ports with wireless facility in rooms, computer lounges, library, residential communication Network

Laundry rooms and housekeeping rooms

Nice dining facilities with optional meal plans, snacks facilities and good and comfortable kitchen space

Good staff coordinates with useful educational and social activities, good manager and optional facilities if required

Job facilities and learning programs

There are places which give facility with gender comprehensive stay options present.

There are even special stay places available which strictly allow only male or female inmates.

You can opt for such places. It all depends on how you can stay comfortably.

For an international student, you can book temporary residential place on arrival and later search for good place.

You can even get good information online and also book the place online in hostel, hotel room, etc.

There are facilities who can give transport facility from airport. Online booking is best option to get hassle free residential places.

You will get confirmed bookings and transport form airport and you will also get all the booking details in your mail.

Depending on the length of your stay, the type of course you are pursuing and budget you can find the information on the accommodation from internet.

You will get the place according to your needs. You will get reviews and testimonials from former students which will help you to decide about your stay. You can go through the below given information for your knowledge:

All residential hall employees by live in Resident Director, Subordinate Resident Director, and Resident Subordinates.

Students live in living groups with about fifty other students and residential halls.

Universities provide good and affordable living resource for students who require your personal information and personal assistance.

RA staffs are responsible for coordinating residence hall programs.

Live in employees are important possessions for all types of social and academic university life.

The main office of Housing Life supporters specialized staff and overseas students and employees in housing communities.

Manager of Residential Life give leadership to student’s staff and direction to the residence hall society.

Student desk followers are trained, selected, and supervised by the Subordinate Resident Directors and give good quality service to inhabitants.

These are the basic information you must know to travel overseas for long term or short term stay for purposes of study or work.

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