Hobbies Leisure and Sport

Hobbies Leisure and Sport

UNIT 3: Hobbies Leisure and Sport

Do you know the importance of recreation and leisure in our lives? Are you aware that recreation and leisure is the largest industry in the world? Yes, there are multiple benefits of leisure and recreation in our lives. One cannot simply imagine the life without this important and interesting part of life.

It is well known that various leisure activities offer leadership development for kids and adults too. It can be a step towards development of strong communities as parks become a home for community life. Benefits of recreational and leisure activities extend to all ages including elderly people, children, young adults and youth as well.

Leisure activities may include


•Family Bonding






Besides providing physical benefits including increased lung capacity due to participation in sports, it helps you strengthen the overall immunity power and increased feelings of wellness. Further, it is beneficial for improved performance, confidence and attitudes along with enhanced social skills. It is beneficial for childhood development as well. It insists learning while enhancing social skills and large motor skill development.

Free time after study or work is known as leisure time. It is the time where one enjoys the activity for fun. This can be anything ranging from swimming to watching TV. Hobbies are closely associated with lifestyles. Many people like to enjoy an activity without anyone’s help whereas some want to spend time with people. They enjoy collective sports.

Hobbies, sports you play and how you spend your free time are the activities that portray your lifestyle, individuality and interests. Our hobbies should fit our character. Rather they should complement our personality and our work as well.

We all have our own identities. It is essential to express our identities in appropriate way. We should learn the skills to talk about ourselves. Many people are not simply aware about the importance of understanding their own identities. Life can be an intricate voyage; however, such difficulties should be taken as challenge. Your hobbies and interests can prove to be useful in different fronts of life. This can be an opportunity to overcome hurdles and find out your exact identity and likes. Still, there are many people who cannot find themselves and the path success. Your personality can play major role to make you successful in life.

Hobbies can be easier and effective means to express what you are. People having interest in creative fields like music can spend a lot of time practicing their art. This will help them polish their skills and express their personalities in more effective way.

It is well known that actions speak louder than words. Thus, hobbies and leisure activities can be helpful to make lasting impressions on others. Your actions or activities surely make up a large part of your personality. They contribute greatly in what others think about you. Your hobbies, leisure and sports activities should make others think about you. You should try getting involved in actions that help others.

Your positive actions should help you improve yourself while giving you feelings of satisfaction. Your hobbies and sports activities portray your overall nature, likes, preferences, personality, opinions etc. That is why your hobbies should be chosen carefully.

When you speak about your hobby or leisure activity or kind of sports you really enjoy, keep it simple. In other words, you should be able to describe your hobby clearly, specifically and briefly. When others will tell you about their activities or hobbies, you should listen to them carefully. Instead of dominating the conversation by telling others how your hobby is good, you should pay attention to what others are doing and if any activity of someone else could help you improve your skills in any way.

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