Inviting and Responding to Invitations

Inviting and Responding to Invitations

3.2. Inviting And Responding To Invitations

Imagine you open a mailbox and get the invitation.

“You’re invited to an event of your interest or hobby!” the invitation sets the tone for occasion.

When you get a nice Invitation of your niche, then it would be like simply screaming I cannot miss this party, this is really fabulous to attend the party of your interest.

When it comes to sending invitation, your guests should have same reaction.

Your invitation should speak clearly and make the invitees to attend the occasion.

It is quite simple that a letter that reads like a boring grocery list may make invitees to think whether or not to attend the occasion.

Boring invitation will make the guests and they will wait for someone to invite them personally.

In such case, you are less likely to attend the occasion.

Choosing your Invitations

While choosing invitation, you should think about several aspects including event, purpose of occasion, budget etc. one should keep in mind that your invitation should match the style of your occasion or event.

If it is a formal occasion or casual backyard party or semi-formal get together, your invitation will give the specifications of the celebration.

It also portrays what one should expect at the event.

While selecting your invitation, you need to think about a theme for the occasion. I

s it for people having common interests, women or men, your company or colleagues, college friends, etc.

it is easy to plan and invite guests for people having common hobbies or interests.

Think about what they will enjoy.

You should think whether a winter party or summer pool party will be perfect occasion to enjoy.

What to include in your Invitation


The purpose of the invitation

Name of honoree

Date, day and venue of the party

Name of Place

Location of Place – state street address with name of city and state. Do not mention zip code.

Name of the hosts

Dress code- If it is an issue with your party

Never use on formal invitations

You should proof read your invitation many times for mistakes. Make sure that you have included all the essential details.

While selecting wording of your Invitation, you need to be careful a lot.

You should phrase your invitation in third person only.

Instead of using the ------- invites you to their, you should use ------ invites you to our …

Avoid using abbreviations.

Spell out words like state names, Road etc clearly.

Never print a zip code on an invitation.

Spell out days and dates. Spell out times and years for formal invitations.

You should be particular that the invitations should be sent out almost 2 weeks prior to event.

This will help them to schedule and spare time for the event.

The sooner you can notify your guests, you are more likely to have more guests at your event.

Never be one of those who sent out killer invitations at the last minute.

If you get an invitation for any kind of event of your interest, then you should respond with a letter or phone call.

The invitation itself will let you know how to reply and when to reply. Your host may be particular regarding the expected people.

If all your family is invited for the occasion host invites the whole family, and some of members will not be able to attend the event, then it is better to let the host know how many people would go.

Sometimes, you will not be able to attend the event.

In this case, you have to respond to the invitation too.

It needs you to reject the invitation in a polite way.

You should thank the host and tell him that unfortunately, you will not be able to attend the meeting for --- reason.

If you accept invitation, be sure that you attend the event except emergency situations.

You have to respond to invitations in a polite way.

 When you want to invite some guests for your event be keen about your invitations. 

It should speak out how eager you are to have guests at your occasion and how important is the presence of your guests.

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