Personal Identification

Personal Identification

UNIT 1: Personal Identification

Can you get a second chance to make a first impression? Have you heard this before? Well, you cannot. First impression is the last impression. When it comes to personality identification, first impression plays an important role. It begins with an introduction. You may introduce yourself on your own or your friends or colleagues may do it for you. The introduction or exchange of personal details is what will get any subsequent discussion off on a high note or not.

No matter whether you want to make new friends, introduce yourself in a class or business meeting, personality identification could potentially have a big impact on your future. One can never know about the impending opportunities that friendship, support or experience of someone else will offer. It is only later, perhaps weeks, months or even years after the first introduction that the individual on the other side of the introduction seems to be so important. It is essential to master the art of an introduction, which plays important role in personality identification.

This is one of the important unspoken skills, which can give incredible results. You should make your personal identification simple. This will make it easy for others to focus on the key points and remember the details later. It does happen most of the times that after getting introduced with someone, we are not sire or have forgotten their name or details a minute later. We hear the name of person but it just does not stick in memory.

The reverse case is also true. In other words, when someone other is introducing, you should try to associate details or name with something already you know. This will help you memorize details and names of others. This is an important part of making a good impression. Yes, your ability to remember a few yet specific details about the other person; like their name, contact details, occupation, native place etc. will make a good impression.

Tips to Introduce Yourself and Others

When it comes to making good impression, the ability to listen contributes majorly in conversation. When you are getting some personal identification details about other person, you should be alert. Below are some guidelines that you can use while introducing yourself or if someone else is doing the introductions.

A big Smile, confidence and friendly looks will make you grab attention of all and listen to your personal identification details like name, contact details, native place, your interests, values etc. Remember, a nice smile will always make others to remember you. You will surely get the response that I am glad to meet you. You should be careful about your looks. Ensure that your breathe smells good with clean teeth. While introducing yourself to others, you should look directly at the other person. Remember, confident eye contact will make others to pay attention towards important introduction section. Use good posture and stand up straight. Never keep your arms folded. Make sure to have confident and relaxed looks. This will let you make a good impression.

When you are introducing yourself with your name, say your first and last name slowly and clearly. Let others know your name precisely. If someone else introduce him or her to yourself, then it is good to repeat their first name. If you say I am glad to meet you Jimmy, then this will help you memorize name. When others are introducing themselves to you, you should pay attention clearly. Listen carefully for best grasping the details of that person. Try to correlate their name with their profession or interests or anything you just memorize when you see that person. Never be the person who seems self-centered and dominates the communication. There are different types of introductions like formal, informal and general introduction. You should use appropriate type depending on the situation and event.

Remember, exchanging personal identification details can create both good and bad impacts. It depends on you how you introduce yourself or respond to introductions of other people.

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