Places and Buildings

Places and Buildings

Unit 5 Places and Buildings

There are places and buildings of various kinds in this world.

There are buildings huge and magnificent, and along with there are small private places in areas less populated.

There are areas which are overly populated with huge buildings, often referred as concrete jungle and few places with more greenery and small houses.

All this depends on the location, climate, and geography of that area.

There are many reasons for this.

Many people relocate in different kinds for places for reasons like change in job, for studies, etc.

You will find many places or cities which were not well structured previously, but due to hard work from the engineers and architectures, the face of city changes it becomes renowned city in case of good architectural designs.

Getting good place to live, especially for students is very important.

Students travel all around the world, to pursue some course for their career and they need accommodations facilities that are in their budget and good places to live in.

You might have heard fearful stories of worst places the students have got to live in due to tight budgets.

In order to avoid it, the students must start the hunt for good place very early.

This will give them time to search for the place to live and get good and decent place at lower rates.

Halls of residence are places offered by the University, still at a price to the student.

The halls of residence can consist of facility of only boys or girls, or they could be mixed residential facility.

Also such facilities have catering facility, or you need to cook your own food, that is, self catered.

You might get separate single rooms, or you got to share rooms with one or two roommates, with private or shared bathrooms.

The costs of such residences vary according to the facilities given and depending on the universities they have association with.

There are strict rules to be followed, like sleeping hours, visiting hours, guest visiting hours, quiet hours, etc.

This type of living is generally in limited, therefore, you must enquire about it, when you apply for admission to university.

Depending on the climatic conditions, ecommerce, history of the city, etc., the architecture and styling of the buildings and places vary.

Some cities are full of apartments and some are still visible with nice houses with courtyards at the back.

It depends on the living habits and working of the people in that city.

Even if the place is a hub of education and students are coming from all over the places, it will have renting facilities and houses build for that purposes.

In such cities, where there are great schools and colleges, private rental is well flourishing market around the universities, and some organizations even have their properties that are put on rent for the students.

If the students are looking for private rental housing, you will get them on lease agreements.

You can have then with your friends or you can own them as a single residence.

Depending on your financial plan, there are huge options that you can go for, including:

Rented room or bed sit room, generally it is seen in family home, along with cooked meals or sometimes you need to cater yourself.

A separate flat unit in a good building or a separate room in a house.

Sometimes the apartment is build for the purposes of giving rooms on rent.

You can own a good house, depending on your financial limitations.

Still, there are different places around the world that have an attraction for creating beautiful buildings and houses.

New York is one place attracts people from all over the world.

New York is a synonym for America for foreigners; this is the destination they want to settle for.

Places like New York has great job opportunities and study opportunities which people are attracted to.

Places like this all over the world have amazingly wonderful residential options depending on your budget.

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